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The Millionaire Fastlane quotes

It’s no different with information – we’re bombarded with tweets, images, articles and podcasts.But when you spend all your time consuming, when are you going to start creating

So stop throwing money at another pair of shoes or skincare product, and instead, switch into producer mode.Look at the packaging.How does it feel? What does it do to make you want to buy it? Which words are they using in the ad?

In general, jobs suck because you have limited leverage (being 50% more productive will not get you a 50% raise) and limited control (what if you’re fired? What if your company is doing poorly and forces you to take a pay cut? etc.) General problems with jobs: you’re selling your time (and your life) for money

You can double your work hours and be miserable, but you cannot 10x your work hours. On the other hand, if you have your own business, growing revenues 10x is certainly possible. Basically, time has no leverage.

A few examples of Fastlane projects: write a book (lots of work, but then it makes money forever without you having to put in more work), make an invention (lots of work, but then you get royalties for a long time).